In the series of the steganography we are going to discuss the hiding of data in the music file
through the help of the window based tool name      "DEEP SOUND" a days very famous TV series name             Mr. Robot ..
off course i am  fan of this show..where elliot use this tool for hiding his secret data..

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                                                        so without wasting much time lets start ..

1.install the DEEP SOUND

go to the official website of the deep sound and download it to your machine. 

and open up the interface of the deep sound.

2. setting

click on the setting gear icon, an pop-up window show up...where languge remain same as english,           change your output i change it to the documents by browsing the folder.
after that check the box for encrypt files..
after that it will ask for the password..
input your password for the secret file..

tha's it ..after this click on button ok.


now after clicking ok button..just select the song where you want to hide your secret data.                         like here i am selecting song 'highway'                

                                                    after will see many option will show up in the top menus.
so after that click on button..add files..                
                                                    choose your secret file to hide by here i choose cmd file to hide.then click 'ok'..after that click
on menu button 'encrypt'..                                         

                                                                                                                   that's it will encrypt your data in the music file will take some time depend upon the data size.

it's is very easy deep sound...just navigate to the out put folder where you save your encrypted file...and
click on the will ask you for password...provide ok...                      
                                                                                                           then click on the menu button
will decrypt the hidden file where the encrypt music placed..
like in my case it was store in document folder..         

                                                             that's it..                                                
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that's it for today..until next article..this is

                     SIGN OUT

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