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Maltego is a Reconnaissance tool built into Kali developed by Paterva. It is a multipurpose Reconnaissance tool that can gather information using open and public information on the Internet. It has some built-in DNS Reconnaissance, but goes much deeper into fingerprinting your target and gathering intelligence on
them. It takes the information and displays the results in a graph for analysis. To start Maltego, navigate to Application menu in Kali, and click on the Kali menuThen select Information Gathering | DNS Analysis | Maltego.
The first step when you launch Maltego is to register it. You cannot use the application without registration.

here is the video show you how to resigster in maltigo.

When you complete registration, you will be able to install Maltego and start using

the application.

Maltego has numerous methods of gathering information. The best way to use Maltego is to take advantage of the startup wizard to select the type of information you want to gather. Experienced users may want to start with a blank graph or skip the wizard all together. The power of Maltego is that it lets you visually observe the
relationship between a domain, organization, and people. You can focus around a specific organization, or look at an organization and its related partnerships from DNS queries.
Depending on the scan options chosen, Maltego will let you perform the following tasks:
Associate an e-mail address to a person
Associate websites to a person
Verify an e-mail address
Gather details from Twitter, including geolocation of pictures

Most of the features are self-explanatory and include how they are used under the feature description. Maltego is used commonly to gather information and sometimes used as the first step during a social engineering attack.
it have numerous feature to dig deep in specific target.
so for easier to viewer i just make an video how to use the maltego to gather all the information.

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