first of all we have to know that what is it?
Actually it is an techenique through which we ca 
get access to administrator account through the 
guest account.
In simple word...we can get access to the admin 
account through the guest account of that pc 
with the help of it guest account...
there is two way through which you can get 
advantage of its feature to get acess into its 
admin accout..their is two method...
1. sticky key attack
2.hidden admin account
...........STICKY KEY.............
actually this feature is activated by default in 
windows for the physical disable person.
This key will used by person by pressing 
Ctrl,Shift or Alt keys along with any others key 
or simultenously..
like as pressing the Shift key 5 time will open up 
the file..
c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe file...
show the main logic is that..instead of this 
sethc.exe file if we replace it with the cmd.exe 
file..then after pressing Shift button 5 time will open up the command prompt....
that is main vernibility of the window to get 
but main quetion arise here that how to do 
this thinks....don't be panic here is the solution 
step by step.......
this trick will valid upto the window 7 serise 
here is the main our aim is that how to get 
command prompt in the login page..with the help 
of sticky their is also two method to get 
method 1..

a. creat a bootable USB drive for windows 
PE(miniature bootable version of window) or 
start window RE (by booting window setup 
DVD and then select repair)...
b. this will open up the command prompt(but this 
not the command prompt what we requiered),
now chage the file sethc.exe by cmd.exe file...
'copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe 
this will replace the file sethc.exe by the file 
c. now restart the window and press the Shift 
key 5 time ...this will open up the command 
prompt(what we required).
........METHOD 2........

to get command prompt through the sticky key we 
have to replace the sethc.exe file by cmd.exe 
file....this can be done by an another trick...
1. start the pc....while you get hte windows 
logo...just press the poweroff key until the screen 
sutdown. again open start the this time you 
will see an option showing the error massage...
where you get two ..launch start 
up shown in screenshot. you will see the startup repair window
just cluck on the button restore...
after that it will dignosed the problem that could 
take 10-15 minute sometime may be more are 
4.after this over you will get window as shown 
below..just click on the show more detail..where 
you will get the blue links..just scroll it at last 
and click on that that...
5. this will manage you to go to the window 
search for folder windows\system32 where you 
will get cmd file as well as sethc file...
usually this thins yoou will find in drive D..
just search it and replace the file sethc.exe file 
with the cmd.exe file..
see below in the screenshot..this will clear you a lot.
Here you clearly see that 'cmd 'folder rename 
the 'sethc'
and 'sethc' original folder rename as 

After saving it ..just close the window and 
restart the pc again..and now press Shift 

5 time ,,and here we go again we will get 

command prompt in login screen...
here we get the command prompt with the 

of sticky key where we manupulate by 

the default opening folder after pressing sticky 
key,by the folder name cmd.exe file which 

cause to open up the command prompt 

pressing sticky key instead of the sethc.exe 

but after this what we will do to get login 
access...its very easy....
Step 1. type .... 'netuser'
this show the all account on that pc.
Step 2. now select which account you want to get 
and type.... 'netuser <account name> *'
after this it will ask you to enter the password..
please type carefully because it does not shows in 
and after that it ask for confirmed the 

if you type same password as before an massage 
will print up that command successfully update...
now what ......Bravo we will get the access 

in the 
stay safe
this is ....                  
                               Signing out.......
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