actually this article is for two use
1.thought this i can use this java enable window for running java enabled software for hacking or hiding(stegnography)
second in wanna to demonstrate how to run java program through command line..actually now a day so many jvm compiler available like most use Netbean's,Ecllipse or Notepad++..
by this we all forget that even without these software you can compile your program(java)
through command line....ok without wasting time lets start..

Step 1 : You need jdk ,i.e. Java Development Kit. Download it here

Step 2: Install it. Probably you will find it in C:\Program Files. Navigate here.

Step 3: Go inside Java folder (C:\Program Files\Java) and you find a folder called jdk with some version name.jdk

Step 4: Go inside it and you could find a folder called bin there. Navigate inside that folder. Now copy the path.

It will be probably

Step 5: Minimize all the windows. Go to Run(Press Ctrl +R). Type sysdm.cpl and hit enter.

Step 6: Go to Advanced Tab in the dialog box opened and you find a button called Environment variable. Click it.

 step 6.1:Navigate to System variable and press p, you will find variable name called Path.

Step 7: Press Edit and a box opens as shown 

Step 8: Press right arrow key in your keyboard and press semicolon(;) button and paste the path you have copied in step 7.

Step 9:Press ok .

Thats is you have setup a java environment.

Let us write a simple java program and test the working.

Step  10: Press win+r and type cmd. You will get the command prompt.

Step 11: Type notepad. Notepad opens. Now code the program as below.

[code language=”cpp”]

public class Test
public static void main(String[] args)


Step 12 :Save it as

Step 13: Command for compiling is javac
Step 14:To run the program command is java Test.

Step 15 :Press enter and you find the output 

until next article this is 
                     SIGN OUT  

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