Hello Friends,

               this is zerocool...welcome back to HACKER_HEAVEN.
today ia m gonna show you how to use the METASPLOIT_FRAMEWORK to compromised victim system.
ok first of all i apologized for long vacation from blogger...but dont worry guys i have a lot of thing to show you right now....

so..i just started an tutorial series in the youtube channel about the  METSPLOIT_UNLEASED.

so i think you guys excited about it...

ok right now i am gonna write the articles as well the videos too..

so just stick with me...

created by: HD MOORE
written in: RUBY LANGUGE
community support: rapid7 community

in this whole tutorial series we will used only pentesting along with little with theory portion.
so for the pentesting first we required the pentesting lab..

here is the video which explain all the things...

i hope you will like it..

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bye bye...zerocool sign out..


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